When you're planning your wedding reception, your "to-do list" is filled with everything from securing the perfect venue to planning a delicious menu that will please your guests. Don't forget to add venue decor, including linen rentals, to your list, however. Choosing the right table linens will instantly transform any reception space from basic to eye-catching. 

Depending on your wedding planning budget and what types of event rental companies are available in your area, you can choose from everything from simple-yet-elegant white linens to vibrantly hued linens. The trick to renting the right linens for your reception is to keep the event's overall decor theme and color scheme in mind, which will give the venue a cohesive look.

Not only will linens add visual interest to any event space, but they will also help conceal unsightly tables and even chairs if needed. If your personal tables or the ones that come with the venue have seen better days, rental linens will breathe new life into them.

Following are some  linen rental ideas for your wedding reception:

1. Creative Colors 

When renting linens, the first thing you'll want to consider is the color. Simple white always looks tasteful, but colorful linen will give the event space a customized touch. For instance, if your wedding reception has a beach theme, go with turquoise-colored table covers or runners, as well as matching chair covers.

For a winter wonderland-inspired space, choose white tablecloths, but top them with shimmering silver runners for an "icy" effect. Complete the look with white chair covers featuring silver tie-backs. If your event has a tropical theme, go with banana yellow, leafy green, or coral table linens, or a combination of all three, for a vibrant appearance. 

2. Fabulous Fabrics

There are just as many different linen fabrics as there are colors, giving you another way to personalize your reception venue. As one idea, choose crushed velvet, taffeta, or organza fabric for a classy, sophisticated appearance. While you may be able to get these fabrics in a variety of colors, white is the standard hue.

Another unexpected type of linen fabric is faux fur, which is ideal for any winter-inspired reception theme, as it will give the space a warm, soft touch. White lace linens are ideal for garden- or tea party-themed soirees, while heavy brocade or damask linens are perfect if you're going for a romantic Victorian-era look and feel. Yellow check- or chevron-patterned linens will give the tables a charming outdoor picnic appeal. 

Contact a local company to learn more about linen rentals.