If you have a daughter ready to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and you decided to hold a quinceañera for her big day, you are likely looking for a location to hold this celebratory event. There are many factors to consider when selecting a venue for your daughter's party. Here are some points to keep in mind to ensure the area you select works successfully. 

Make Sure There Is Ample Space

At a quinceañera, guests dress lavishly in celebration of the maturity of the guest of honor. Girls at the event wear ballgowns, often with billowing skirts. Because of this, it is important to have plenty of room for your daughter and guests to walk around without difficulty. This means the event location needs wide hallways, plenty of room between tables for dinner, and a large dance floor. Do not skimp on the amount of space provided, as this will make it hard for those in attendance to keep their dresses from becoming rumpled as they celebrate your child's milestone.

If possible and weather conditions allow, consider utilizing outdoor space for the party. When doing so, tents are usually provided to keep guests comfortable. Check that tables are spaced far apart under this tented area.

Save Room For Piñatas

During a quinceañera, it is customary to set up fifteen piñatas for your daughter to hit one at a time. This represents each year of her life. The piñatas are filled with treats for guests. Make sure there is a location in the event hall or under a tent where these can be hung. This usually involves the use of a wooden beam or hooks to secure the piñatas until they are to be used. The piñatas need to be hung high enough that they are not in the way of guests as they walk around underneath them. There is also a need for plenty of floor space under the piñatas for the gathering of treats.

Keep Grooming In Mind

Teenagers in formal wear need an area to check and readjust their clothing, hair, and makeup during a large event. Check out the bathrooms in the event location to determine whether there is enough room for congregating people. If not, find out if there is a room available to be used as a dressing room and makeup/hair grooming area. This area needs a large mirror and sinks for those using it.

Contact a local quinceañera event venue to learn more.