If you and your partner have several children between you, you may be contemplating ways to include them in your wedding ceremony. The following suggestions will showcase your children on your special day and will make them feel included in the celebratory event.

Let Them Lead The Procession

The ring bearer and the flower girl are two classic roles that are commonly included in the procession of people who will be walking down the aisle. If you would like to use a nontraditional way to incorporate your children into the procession, consider having them hold signage or ride in a decorated wagon. If you decide to have a custom banner made, your children can each take part in holding the banner in front of them while they walk down the aisle.

A banner that has your name and your partner's name printed on it, as well as the date of your wedding, will alert your guests to the fact that the wedding party is about to enter the area where the ceremony will be taking place. A wagon can be decorated with flowers, streamers, balloons, and other celebratory decor. If a couple of your children are young, they can sit inside of the wagon while your oldest child pulls them down the aisle.

Exchange Token Items With Them

Exchange token items with your children, right after you and your spouse exchange rings. The token items can be bracelets, necklaces, or other token items that your children can keep as mementos of the wedding day. During your wedding rehearsal, alert your children to the fact that you will be adding the special exchange to your wedding ceremony plans. This will allow your children to get accustomed to where they will be standing during the ceremony.

Assign Them Important Tasks

A wedding event begins as soon as the guests arrive and take their seats. Your children can be assigned to handle important tasks, such as ushering people to their seats and handing out wedding programs. Choose tasks that are age-appropriate and make sure that each of your children is assigned something that they are comfortable doing.

Include your children's names in your wedding program and make sure that each of their names is listed under the task that you have assigned to them. At the end of the wedding, allow your children to take part in meeting the guests who attended the wedding. 

Talk to your wedding planner about ways to incorporate your children into the wedding ceremony.