There's a long list of details to think about when you begin the process of looking for a tent to rent for an upcoming event. While your first priority might be to find a tent of an adequate size and in the right color, there are lots of other things to consider. If you're planning to rent a tent that has walls, rather than one that simply consists of an overhead canopy, you'll likely want a design that features windows. Here are a few window-related details that you should think about before you decide which tent you want.

Window Size

When you look at a few tents that have windows, you'll often see that the windows can vary in size. Large and small windows both have advantages. Large windows allow more natural light into the tent, which can be ideal if you want it to feel bright and spacious. Small windows can be ideal because they give the interior of the tent more of a private feel. If you're setting up your tent in a highly public area and you want your guests inside the tent to feel some degree of privacy, you might prefer smaller windows.

Window Covers

Some tents have window covers. Although these covers differ in design from tent to tent, they commonly have the appearance of a tarp that you can roll up to reveal the window or let hang to cover the window. Window covers aren't necessary if you don't envision needing to block the tent's windows at any point, but this can be a handy feature in all sorts of different scenarios. For example, if you're unveiling a new product in the tent during a corporate event and don't want people to see inside before they enter, you might want to initially have the windows covered. Once people enter the tent, your staff can roll up the covers to brighten the space.

Window Shape

The shape of tent windows can vary. Many are rectangular or square, while others are square with a rounded top. The unique shape of the latter style can often be visually pleasing, which can be ideal if you want your tent and the area around it to have a special look. Many people favor this window shape when they rent tents for weddings, given that they want the tent to look as stylish as possible. Keep each of these details in mind as you browse the available products at a tent rental service.