Why should your small business hire a contract corporate event planner? Even though you may not have hundreds of employees, take a look at the top reasons to hire an event planning pro.

You Don't Want to Fill a Permanent Position

Does your small business also have a small staff? If your company's budget doesn't have room for another permanent hire then a contract or per-job event planner is the way to go. Instead of an annual salary, benefits, and everything else you need to pay to or for a regular full-time employee, the contractor won't come with these types of added costs.

You Need Event Venue and Vendor Contacts

A professional corporate event manager or planner has the contacts your company needs. The planner doesn't only bring their experience and expertise. They also bring a list of vetted venues and vendors that offer the best quality products at the best prices. This list saves you time, energy, and money.

You won't need to visit venues that don't meet your needs, interview entertainers, or spend hours emailing vendors just to find one who fits your event's needs. Beyond venue managers or owners, potential planners can also offer you information about caterers, beverage merchants, invitation designers, graphic designers, and wait staff/service professionals.

You Don't Have Time to Plan

You have a small business to run. Between client management, advertising, accounting, and everything else you do daily, you don't have time to plan a major corporate party or event. A professional can take over the planning process, giving you time to focus on your job and your company.

You Need Help On the Event Day

Beyond the planning phase, the event professional can help you on the day (or night) of your company's party or other activity. A corporate event requires complex coordination. From the food and drinks to the entertainment (and anything else that happens on the day of the event), someone needs to make sure everything goes as planned.

The planner will handle the day-of details, giving you the freedom to entertain clients or enjoy a fun-filled event with your employees. This takes the pressure off of you and allows you to attend, instead of work at, the event.

You Want to Plan the Best Event Possible

This is your time to shine. Whether you need to plan a party for your staff, a charity walk, or an evening out for your clients, a professional planner can create the best event possible. Their knowledge and experience will deliver the perfect party, making you look like the small business boss of the year.