Planning entertainment for a corporate event is not the easiest thing. You have to pick crowd-pleasers for a likely diverse crowd. Yet, there are a lot of options to pick from to make your corporate event a memorable one. Here is a look at five options to consider.

1. Find celebrity impersonators to make an appearance. 

The looks on your guests' faces when Elvis Presley or Sonny and Cher walk in at the event will be priceless, and this is easy enough to pull off with a few good celebrity impersonators. Your guests will get a kick out of the provided entertainment and the opportunities to nab a picture with the folks that look famous. 

2. Hire a cover band or cover artist. 

So you may not have the funds in the corporate budget to get someone like Celine Dion to do a live show, but what you can do is get a cover band from a local event entertainment service who can cover a lot of favorite songs and provide ample entertainment. These artists can be picked out by the genre, but they can also be multi-genre and cover a lot of different music from many artists. 

3. Set up social photo booths. 

Photo booths are a go-to entertainment staple at a lot of different types of events. They are a simple idea; you give people a place to grab pictures of themselves with silly props or just with their friends. Modern-day photo booths are far more entertaining, however, because these booths can be used to immediately generate things like short video clips that can be instantly shared to social media. 

4. Set up a small casino. 

People love the games that they find in casinos, and they will be thrilled to see some familiar ones at your corporate event. Work with an entertainment service to set up a small casino where the proceeds are advertised to go to a good cause, and your guests will have a lot of fun playing the different games to try to win. 

5. Bring in a magician. 

No one is ever really too old to enjoy some of the most classic magic tricks. Having a bit of mystical wonder in the form of a magic show at your corporate event can keep things lighthearted and enjoyable for all of your guests. The magician is especially a good choice if you have invited your employees and their families. 

Reach out to a corporate event entertainment service for more ideas.