There is more than one way to get people to sit down. There is more than one kind of seating, too. So, when it comes to renting something for everyone to sit on during any sort of event, you should figure out ahead of time what type of seating is available, what to rent, and how many people are going to want to sit down. Here are the different types of event seating rentals you can get, and how to provide enough seating for all of the people you expect to seat. 

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are the standard seating rental for family reunions, weddings, baby showers, funerals, anniversary parties, and birthday parties. You can rent by the chair, rent by a stack of chairs (e.g., fifty chairs on a rolling cart), or rent by "x" number of chair carts (e.g., you want four carts of fifty chairs each).

The rental companies will often deliver your chairs if you rent by stack or rack. If you are only renting a few chairs, you can and are often expected to pick those up yourself on the day you need them. 


If you are hosting a sporting event or an outdoor arena event, you are going to need bleachers so that everyone in attendance can sit and see what is happening. Expecting everyone to stand during such an event means that someone is not going to be able to see everything, and people are not going to be happy about standing for long periods. Depending on the size of each person in attendance, you may get as many as one hundred people per set of bleachers, or as few as fifty. 


Risers are like bleachers in that you can sit on them if you want to. However, most risers are used for people to stand and perform. If you rent risers as a means of seating people, they will at least have the rough carpeting under their buttocks rather than the cold aluminum of bleachers. It just depends on the weather and how warm it is outside.

It also depends on whether or not rain is predicted since you would not want the rough carpeting on risers to get wet. There is usually an extra charge associated with any damages or the need to dry out the carpeting on risers when they are used as seating instead of performance stands. For more information, contact a company that offers event seating rental.