Your decision to co-parent gives your child the environment and support that they need to thrive, and hosting a party together is a great way to allow them to enjoy their celebration with everyone they love in the same room. Yet, birthday party planning often involves a few challenges when you have multiple people involved in the process. As you plan the event, use these tips to give your child a party that they'll always remember. 

Choose a Neutral Location

When your child splits their time between two different houses, an at-home party may not be possible. Birthday party rooms provide a neutral location that helps to address issues such as making sure that the members of your extended family feel comfortable attending. Hosting the party at an event venue also eliminates the issue of needing to clean your house before and after the event.

Create a Central Command Station

Communication is critical throughout each stage of the planning process. Once the invitations go out, you can expect RSVPs to come in from both sides of your child's family. Avoid having an inaccurate guest count by using a shared planning app on your phone that allows both you and your child's other parent to quickly see new information about the plans.

Establish a Tiebreaker System

There will likely be times when you and your child's other parent don't agree about specific aspects of the party. For instance, you may prefer a certain theme while they like a different one.

If your child is old enough, consider involving them in any decisions that are age-appropriate, such as picking out party games or snacks to serve. If they are not, then flip a coin or ask a neutral party to make the decision. Just remember that your child's happiness is the most important factor in every choice you make.

Divvy Up Tasks Based Upon Your Strengths

One of the biggest benefits of having an amicable co-parenting arrangement is that you both bring skills to table. Sit down with your child's other parent, and delegate responsibilities from the very beginning.

For example, you may be great at decorating while they are awesome at picking out the entertainment. Since birthday party events often get hectic, you may also choose to include having a professional host provide assistance so that you can both enjoy the celebration.

Your child's birthday is a special occasion that deserves a celebration. By working together to plan a memorable event, your child benefits from seeing their parents overcome any differences to create a beautiful day in their honor.