Dancing is one of those activities that can bring people from all ages together and allow them to let their hair down while enjoying some popular beach tunes. Mix things up during your backyard barbecue by adding some unique dance contests to your party plans.


Consult with a dj who you have employed to go over the list of tunes that you would like them to play during an event that involves participants switching their partners midway through some of the songs. Let the disc jockey know that you would like them to pause music at random intervals, prompting the dancers to stop in their tracks and immediately find another partner to dance with.

This activity will keep your guests on their toes and will provide them with the opportunity to integrate with others who they may not normally spend as much time with in everyday life. Keep watch of the couples and decide which pairing was able to keep up with the music the best and demonstrate the most fluid or unique dance moves.

Crown the winners with makeshift queen and king crowns that are constructed of card stock. Your disc jockey can also get into the action if you would like them to be part of the judging. Stand next to the disc jockey and come to a consensus together, as to who should be awarded.

Copy Cat

Ask the dancers to form a circle and to leave plenty of space in the middle of the formation so that one of the dancers can enter the enclosure. Ask for volunteers or allow the disc jockey to select people at random. If you would like the disc jockey to do the honors, they can speak over a microphone at the end of each song to let the person know that they have been selected.

After being chosen, the individual should enter the circle and wait for the music to begin playing. As the individual absorbs the beat and tempo of the music, they can begin to dance in any manner that they prefer. The people who are forming the circle should mimic the individual to the best of their ability. Walk around the perimeter of the human circle and watch each dancer as they attempt to follow the lead dancer.

Use colorful leis or beach hats as prizes for the winners of each round. If you choose to use leis, drape one around the neck of each person who you believe mimicked the main dancer the best. Otherwise, set a floppy beach hat on top of the head of each of the winners.