There is nothing quite like attending a live Broadway show, especially when it is a first-time event for kids.  If you have managed to get Broadway tickets to a show for children, it can be an exciting day for kids of all ages. While a trip to the theater is a great way to expose young minds to the arts, it can sometimes be difficult to keep children focused for the duration of the performance. There are also a few rules and etiquette guidelines that must be followed during the show. For kids attending their very first play, it is a good idea to have a firm understanding what they can expect during a live show and how they are expected to behave. Here are a few tips to help parents prepare their children for an upcoming experience at a Broadway show:

Show Times

Many of the shows on Broadway have both an afternoon and evening show, so when searching for tickets to children's shows, it is best to buy Broadway tickets to an early showing. This will allow the kids to be alert as opposed to an evening show when sleepiness may cause them to become more restless, which can interfere with you, them, and others in theater from enjoying the presentation.

Discuss the Play the Night Before

When taking a child on their first trip to a Broadway theater, it is always helpful to discuss the play beforehand. A great way to familiarize them with the play is to read the story together and let them ask questions about various scenes throughout the story. A live play may be confusing, but if they are familiar with the main plot of the play, they will typically be able to absorb more of the performance as well as be better prepared to appreciate the acting and the storyline.

Explain the Difference Between Live Theater and a Movie

Children who have gone to a movie theater are used to seeing a lot of special effects, so the lack of flashy special effects at a live performance may come as a surprise to children. Before arriving at the theater, discuss the difference between plays and movies. Help them to understand that each performance is live, unlike a movie where the actors have a chance to repeat the scene until they get it right. The more they have an understanding of the ins and outs of the experience of live theater, the more they will be prepared for the performance.

Go Over the Rules

It is extremely important for children to understand the rules and expectations before, during, and after a live performance. Explain the importance of being quiet inside the theater and make sure they understand why. For example, let them know that the actors can hear what the audience is saying during a performance and that talking may distract them. Although some talk is typically expected during a children's show, kids should be encouraged to their best to be quiet and respectful during the performance.

When you buy Broadway tickets, the time of the performance is stamped on the ticket, but it is best to arrive about 30 minutes before the stamped time stamped. Most theaters start to seat patrons about half an hour before the show time and they will stop seating once the show begins. If you are late, the ushers may ask you to wait in the lobby until intermission and missing the first half of the performance may make it difficult for children to "catch up" on the performance.