If you plan on hosting a wedding at an outdoor venue like DEER MOUNTAIN EVENTS, you will need to take a few extra steps to accommodate your guests and wedding party with a comfortable atmosphere. Since the weather, the grounds, and the possibility of insects could cause some discomfort to those attending, trying some of the following tips may be beneficial in making the time spent outdoors enjoyable for all.

Give Guests An Area For Protection

If inclement weather is present during your wedding ceremony or reception, guests will be scrambling to find a spot where they are not exposed to precipitation. Rent a large tent for your reception so guests do not need to worry about their food getting wet or any paper products blowing away if conditions get windy. Pop-up canopies can be used during your wedding ceremony to allow guests to get out of the sun or precipitation if necessary. It is also a great gesture to provide each guest with an individual parasol to use if necessary. Small paper or wooden fans can also be provided at each guest's chair to help them remain cool if your wedding is held on an exceptionally warm or hot day.

Provide A Walkway For Guests

If guests will be in a grassy area for your wedding reception, it is a great gesture to provide a smooth walking surface for them to walk upon. Those wearing heels will be pleased to have a spot to walk without the risk of falling due to uneven terrain, and all will benefit from this walkway so they do not need to worry about their shoes getting dirty. Provide thick carpeting remnants or long pieces of thick vinyl to use as makeshift sidewalks if the outdoor venue does not have sidewalks available.

Keep Bugs At Bay With Candles

A wedding where many insects are present will be an annoyance to those attending. To help keep bugs at bay, purchase several citronella candles to set up in the area guests will be frequenting. Place citronella candles inside glass jars and set them up along the perimeter of the wedding ceremony area. Make sure these are located far from where people will be walking so that they are not knocked over. If you plan on having the reception outdoors, use citronella tiki torches around the dance floor and near any food stations to help with the elimination of mosquitoes and flies.