Washington, D.C. can be a great place to hold an event; in addition to many excellent conference centers, there are many fascinating landmarks to see in the city. Here are some tips for working out the logistics of your Washington, D.C. event. 

Take Advantage of Public Transportation

Washington, D.C. has an excellent public transportation system, and on popular dates, it can be more efficient than sitting in traffic. When you're booking hotels and conference centers in Washington DC, be sure to choose hosts that are connected to the metro lines for easy access to the city's amenities and historical monuments. Many of the city's popular conference centers and hotels have their own world class amenities, but it's always a great idea to give your guests more options in the vicinity of your event. 

Plan Well in Advance

If you are planning an event in the country's capitol, many of your visitors may want to see some of the important landmarks, such as the U.S. Capitol. However, be aware that it can take quite a while to book tickets to the popular places. For instance, to visit the Washington National Cathedral, you may need to get your tickets as much as 5 or 6 months ahead of time. Give your guests the courtesy of planning your event well in advance, so that they can take advantage of all that the city has to offer. 

Look for Deals

The nation's capital is used to hosting large groups of people for conferences and events like 4H Council meetings, corporate retreats, and academic symposiums. There are many cases where you can get a great deal on parking and ticketed attractions by using group discounts. Check with your conference center to see what kinds of package deals they can offer your for local hotels, restaurants, parking garages, and other perks. 

Put Together a Map

The Washington D.C. metro can be confusing for first time visitors. If you will be having many international guests or visitors from out of town, then it can be helpful to put together a map with restaurants and landmarks within a few miles' radius of your hotel. You may also want to include directions to landmarks in the Capitol Hill cluster. 

Planning a great event in Washington, D.C. is a matter of leveraging all of the city's amenities. While you focus on putting together an engaging event, be sure to choose hotels and conference centers that provide a great experience for your guests.