It's the classic amateur videographer's conundrum: you recorded video footage of your vacation, celebration, or another event, and want to share it with your friends and family. But while these videos are exciting for you, they often end up boring your audience to tears. When you can watch any part of a video you've recorded, you remember the pleasant feelings and memories they stir up. For your audience, however, there are no associated memories, and much of your footage may seem dull due to this. If you want your audience to be as engaged in your event video as you are, hiring a professional video editor to edit your video may be just what you need.


Editing a video can remove the footage that your audience would find boring, like scenes in which you're in transit, or your video or audio quality temporarily drops. Even if these scenes are still meaningful for you, consider having them edited out of your final project before you share with friends and family. You can always enjoy the raw footage on your own time.


Editing a video doesn't have to stop with just cutting out the dull portions of your footage. You can also take the opportunity to ask your editor to polish scenes that need a little visual boost in order to look their best. Chances are that if you were walking around with a camera, your lighting wasn't always optimal. Professional video editors can use video editing software to apply filters and adjust color, lighting, and shading to make your footage look its best. This will make your polished event video more appealing to your viewers, as they won't have to strain to see scenes that were shot in the dark or were over-exposed.

Use Music

Don't underestimate the power of music when you have your video edited! Choosing an enjoyable song and asking your editor to dub over portions of your footage can make even dull scenes enjoyable. Consider using a song that's memorable or ties into the event in some way, like the song used during the first dance if your video is of a wedding, or a song that summarizes your trip in some way. For example, "Lights," the band Journey's tribute to San Francisco, would make an excellent choice to use with video footage of a vacation in San Francisco.  

Your footage can be just as enjoyable for your audience as it was for you to shoot it; all it takes is a little bit of polish. Video editors can help to make your video look professional and more fun to watch for everyone.

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