The most popular reason for renting a tent is to protect the wedding reception crowd as they eat, drink, and dance to excess, but nuptial celebrations are not the only events that need attractive canvas coverage. Almost any outdoor gathering can benefit from having a tent nearby to offer protection from the weather, that notorious enemy of many elegant and festive parties.   


Event tents come in a variety of types, but the most basic two are pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents are simply a larger version of the basic pup tent, with center poles, side poles, and side tie downs. This tent type is extremely sturdy and works for just about any occasion. Frame tents have a network of aluminum pipes to support the canvas, which eliminates the center poles that some find distracting. Also, frame tents can be placed on concrete if necessary, making them quite versatile.   


For summertime entertainment, nothing beats having a rental tent to provide shelter from the sun and from the other elements. Renting a tent means that family reunions can be held on a family member's property, eliminating the need to rent a public shelter house or a private room at a restaurant. Graduations, christenings, cocktail parties, and wedding anniversaries can all thrive under the attractive shelter of a rented tent.


These tents work for intimate gatherings or much larger events such as block parties. People can lease sizes from 10' x 10" to 30 'x 75' or even larger. Most are either round or rectangular and work for a multitude of purposes. Almost any size of property can accommodate some type of tent.  


Prices for these tents vary according to size, type, and location, but they fit into even modest budgets. The cost is quite reasonable considering the pricetag to reserve a public shelter or commercial facility. People who rent tents love the convenience of having them erected in their own backyards or other unique spaces.

People frequently rent tents for weddings and wedding receptions, but almost any outdoor celebration can benefit from having these attractive and sturdy shelters. They offer protection from the weather, but they also provide a comfortable place to dine, dance, and simply converse. Whether the party is for ten people or a thousand, a tent or tents can provide excellent protection at almost any venue. They are not just for nuptials. If you're looking to rent a tent, visit Mountain View Tent Company.