Whether you're going to be holding your bash in your backyard or in a public park, it's important to always prep the area ahead of time if you want everything to go without a hitch. When the party rentals start to arrive, you're going to want to have the majority of the area already set up and ready to go. Outdoor parties can be fun, exciting and beautiful, but they also mean that you'll need to account for issues like the weather.

1. Always Prepare the Walkways

People seldom think about the areas that their guests will be walking on. This isn't just a matter of appearance and organization; it's a matter of safety. Grass and dirt will quite quickly be churned into a wet, slippery surface by many feet going by. You should use straw tossed down on grass and wooden planks on mud to ensure that visitors don't get injured. There are temporary walkways that you can usually rent from a rental store.

2. Set Up Your Primary and Backup Power Sources

It's always a good idea to have two or more power sources available for your party, just in case one malfunctions. Remember, it can be hazardous to try to run power from the interior of your home in the event of a backyard party; it's usually best to rent a generator from a party rental company. You could potentially exceed your home's capacity for power otherwise, and that could lead to power issues throughout the system -- in addition to a failed party!

3. Take Care of the Pests

In many areas, flying insects and mosquitoes are the norm. You may want to take care of the pests using burning coils and other safe, non-hazardous methods. It's not a good idea to spray pesticides just before a party, as these can be toxic. If you're having the party in a public area, you may not even be allowed to use pesticides. But coils and handheld sprays are usually fine. 

4. Set Up the Tents

Tents and other coverings aren't just for bad weather. They're essential for any outdoor event because they offer shade to guests that get too hot. This is especially important if there will be children attending your party. Make sure that your tents are properly weighed down and secured -- and remember that a rope that is unsecured can become dangerous, as it could whip around in high winds. 

Don't forget to ask your party rental company about any particular recommendations they have for the equipment that they're lending out. Some items need to be kept on dry platforms, while others are weather-proofed and ready to go.

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