Sometimes getting out of the office is the best way to hone creativity for your company. Similarity, if your team may be spread throughout the country and mostly telecommute, having everyone get together in person periodically can bolster the team and get everyone focused. If you are looking for an off-site conference center, here are four things to be sure the facility can accommodate.

1. Importance of Location

Picking a place that is convenient but unique can be a harder task than you think. If your event will be somewhere new and not in your hometown, be sure to research online that the center is well located within the city or is nearby local features. Even if you are planning on having your event somewhere more remote, be sure that the facility you pick can work with you to set up transportation to and from airports and hotels.

2. Basic Needs and Catering

If you are having an all-day event or meetings that may last a few days, bringing in catering will be in order. Make sure that you have the flexibility to pick the catering that you would like, or that on-site catering meets your needs. If your event may be a few days, variety will be necessary. Different types of meals will need to be sourced and the location must able to accommodate.

3. Technology Set-up

It is important to test out a facility and make sure that all of the technical features on offer are up to speed and working. Make sure that wireless internet is in working condition and there aren't dead zones, especially if you will expect your team to be online. If you are calling in others or will be doing powerpoint presentations, ensure that an IT person will be on-site to troubleshoot.

4. Make It Fun

Ask your conference center what is nearby that can make your meeting special. If the location is unique, set-up a tour or walk to break up the sessions. If you can bring in music or entertainment for an evening reception, this can help folks blow off steam. Make sure that the conference center can accommodate keeping your event fun and not just all about meetings.

If you are getting your team together for a conference or in-person meeting, making sure the conference center can help make this event personalized with your needs. Be sure to research facilities, like those offered by Chez Shari, ahead of time to make sure they will offer up everything you will need to make your event a success.