When you decide that you want to invite friends over to your home for the first time for an elegant dinner party, you may think that all you need to do is serve a delicious meal and make sure the clutter and mess in your house is cleaned up. However, if you want your dinner party to truly be elegant and memorable, there are a few more factors you need to consider.

So, get to know some of the ways to ensure that your dinner party is the one to beat and utilize them at your next event:

Flowers Do Matter

You may think that decorating your home with flowers seems a little excessive or unnecessary. However, if you want to truly set the mood for your event and bring a touch of class to the dinner party, you should head to the florist on the day of the party.

Fresh flowers are not only elegant and sophisticated but can actually directly affect people's moods. Having fresh flowers in the home increases overall positive moods and attitudes, and makes people feel generally more happy. Because you want your guests to have only positive associations with the event you are throwing, flowers will serve to help.

When choosing centerpieces for the table, be sure to tell your florist that you want non-fragrant flowers. The strong floral scent of some arrangements can affect the taste buds which will alter the way your guests perceive your food. If you plan to have a cocktail hour in a separate space or an outdoor patio area, this is where you can choose any flower, fragrant or not to decorate with. 

Lighting Is Key

Harsh overhead lighting can kill the mood at an elegant dinner party. While you may not want to completely change your light fixtures and undergo a complete remodeling project just for your dinner party, there are simple ways that you can alter your lighting for your dinner party.

Consider heading to a discount home furnishing store, antique shop, or even a thrift store to get standing or table lamps that are decorative and fun. Place these lamps strategically throughout your dining room and sitting area (if you plan on a cocktail hour as well). Also, purchase soft white in a lower wattage than you would normally use. This creates a low lighting feel.

If you would rather not use lamps, you can also purchase strings of decorative lights that you can string along the ceiling in your dining room. These strands of lights designed to look like hanging lanterns provide soft light without overwhelming the space. And if all else fails, place floating tea light candles in dishes on the dining room table and on end tables in the cocktail area. These candles are romantic and elegant.

As you can see, there are several factors to consider when you are planning your next elegant dinner party. It is not all about the menu. So, keep these decorating aspects in mind as you begin to plan your next event. To learn more, contact a company like Aladdin's Florist & Wedding Chapel with any questions you have.