As you begin to plan your upcoming corporate event, you'll discover that lighting is a critical tool for setting the tone of the event. Lighting also affects the behavior and attention of the people attending the event. This is because lighting comes in a range of colors, and each color can prompt a different emotional and cognitive response in the people present, while the brightness and directional quality of the lighting in the room can be used to affect the attention of the people present. 

Cool, Bright Florescent Lighting

Cool, fluorescent lights have a bad reputation, but in some cases, cool lights can be useful at corporate events. At conventions, cool bright lights can reduce shadows, raise energy and encourage movement among a general crowd. Cool lights have an energy that can encourage visitors to talk, interact and keep moving. 

Fluorescent lights that are too blue or green in hue can make skin tones look washed out and sickly, casting an unhealthy and dismal mood over any room full of people. 

Warm Tones

Warm lights tend to be very flattering on skin tones. Soft magentas cast faces in a rosy color, making people in that light look vital and energetic. Warm tones will naturally attract the attention of the other people in the room, and are thus perfect for keeping attention of a crowd in one specific spot. Warm tones are useful for projecting color washes during on-stage presentations and at ceremonies. 

Dim warm tones can cast deeper, darker shadows than cool colors. This can be useful in events where a theatrical mood is needed, but can also mean that supplemental lights may be necessary. 

Tips for Choosing Lights

Before committing to a type and color of light for your corporate event, test out the lights inside the space where the event will take place to ensure that the lighting is adequate for your needs. If testing multiple types of lights in the same space, take pictures of the results of each type of light, then compare the photos side by side. Study the shadows, atmosphere and ambience in the room to ensure that the tones and brightness of the lights meet your needs. 

During the lighting test, meet with representatives from the lighting company supplying the lights for your event. These experts will ensure that your corporate event lighting will be adequate for the space, and will know what to look for to ensure that your guests will have the light they need to enjoy their time at your event.